Erdõbénye is one of the oldest townships of Tokaj-Hegyalja. It is considered as a Hungarian village from the time when the Magyars entered into the Carpathian Basin (896). The township is located around Mulató-mountain where the Zemplén-mountains and Hungarian Great Plate meet, in the gate of Aranyos-valley. Erdõbénye is a village with 1600 inhabitants, which is surrounded by hills and has numerous paleontological curiosities.

It is located in the metrical mean of Tokaj Region (and only a few kilometres away from Tállya, which is the metrical mean of Europe). The first written document to mention Erdõbénye originated in 1404.

The first owners of this village were the Berényis, afterwards István Belecsényi, István Pallagi, Pálóczys, Balázs Gerencséri, and finally Rozgonyis, all famous noble families from this region. From 1486 the new owner became Lórántffy and later Rákóczi Families. As a donation of Prince Ferenc Rákóczi II, several families when finally was given to Endrõdys owned it.

During the Middle Ages it was included two separated parts namely Mezo-Bénye and Egyházas-Bénye. Erdõbénye had huge forests and excellent grounds for vineyards, and it was one of the most important townships of Tokaj-Hegyalja with exclusive rights of market keeping and wine trading.

From that time when Erdõbénye became part of the Rákóczi possessions started a significant development. The Rákóczis created an economical centre here with a big mansion. Under this mansion was built one of the biggest coherent multilevel cellar-systems with 22 corridors.

It also shows the importance of Erdõbénye that used to give jobs more than a hundred coopers at the same time.

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